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mean reversion, scalping

Reversal Indicator

The Bollinger Band Mean Reversion Indicator identifies trade opportunities when price is in
overbought and oversold territory, relative to recent price action.

It provides strategic trade entry and exit signals allowing you to profit on price reverting to the mean. The indicator is beginner friendly, easy to use and provides clear signals to indicate opportunities to both buy and sell.

breakout, momentum, trend

Momentum Indicator

The Bollinger Bands Momentum Indicator provides breakout trade signals which allows you to capture powerful trends of price.

Strong momentum break outs often result in many of the greatest risk to reward trade opportunities. Be alerted when a break out event happens. Full customization is offered including stop-loss and email notifications.

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trends, top/bottom, fractals

Auto Support & Resistance

The Auto Support & Resistance indicator displays support and resistance levels in real-time.
Support and resistance is one of the most important and useful technical analysis tools in trading. This indicator analyzes the market structure in real-time and makes use of fractals to identify and map out support and resistance levels for traders.

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